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The Earth Keeper’s Gift is just the Beginning

The Earth Keeper’s Gift is heading to a trilogy! Book 2, The Earth Keeper’s Challenge will be released in Audiobook format March 2020. Join Nimue and her friends in their next adventure to save the earth.

Fans of The Earth Keeper’s Gift have asked me to write more books about Nimue and I am excited to answer them with The Earth Keeper’s Challenge. And next year, The Earth Keeper’s Mission.

Stay posted to this blog for more info and giveaways. I will also be looking for some fan feedback and suggestions for the upcoming trilogy. And don’t forget to leave a review for The Earth Keeper’s Gift!


Maria Langella Sorgie is a young adult and children's book author and the author of The Earth Keepers Gift, the first book in the Earth Keepers Trilogy. Visit her at


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