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Note Books Everywhere

Note Books are everywhere in my life. I carry one in my messenger bag, one in my glove compartment, one in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. I am always writing, jotting, doodling, and making notes. Ideas come and go in a writer’s head and I want to make sure I capture them all.

One of the greatest gifts I ever received as a young girl was a writing journal. I began my journey towards writing because of my first journal. Inside of the journal was a note that said,

“You only learn to be a writer by actually writing.”

I write about everything every day of my life. My greatest gift I give to you is to pay this forward. Fill up every notebook, every scrap piece of paper and every napkin.

Everyone has stories to tell, so just write.


Maria Langella Sorgie is a young adult and children's book author and the author of The Earth Keepers Gift, the first book in the Earth Keepers Trilogy. Visit her at


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