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A Child’s Imagination

I write because I love it. I write for children because they believe in the magic of stories. I begin the adventure and their imaginations finish them. I find nothing is as fulfilling as writing about what I am passionate about and seeing it come to life in the eyes of children.

The younger generation is our future and someday it will be up to them to lead this world in a positive direction. I want them to learn and strive for a better planet and care for all living things. I want them to feel and build balance in their life and the world around them. And I want them to always enjoy learning.

I know they too have taught me something that I will always carry with me and in my books; to live life out loud.


Maria Langella Sorgie is a young adult and children's book author and the author of The Earth Keepers Gift, the first book in the Earth Keepers Trilogy. Visit her at


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