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The Earth Keeper's Gift

The Earth Keeper's Gift Cover Art

In The Earth Keeper's Gift, authors and sisters Maria Langella Sorgie and Tara Langella share a story of one girl's journey of self-discovery.

Nimue has a special way with animals, especially her pony, Cloud, who always settles with her soft touch. As she rides, she talks to Cloud, to the birds, to the trees, and all the living things. An only child who walks with a limp, riding her pony makes her feel strong when the real world isn't kind to her. Children tease her because she talks to animals and trees and walks differently than them. Her parents scold her for believing in magic and what they deem a fantasy world.

This book for young adults follows Nimue as she seeks to unlock the Earth Keeper's Gift and encounters a magical world filled with talking animals, talking plants, and adventure. She seeks a place where she is loved and heard and where she can dream and hope again.

Available Formats: Casebound Hardcover (Color), Perfect Bound Softcover(Color), Ebook, Audiobook
Pages: 32
Size: 8.5x11


The Earthkeeper's Gift can be purchased as a hardcover, softcover, audiobook (Amazon Audible), or digital format:

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