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The Earth Keeper's Challenge

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In the second installment of The Earth Keeper's Trilogy, The Earth Keeper's Challenge, Niume teams up with two new friends to save the planet. Written by sisters Maria Langella Sorgie and Tara Langella.

The Earth Keeper's Challenge is Book 2 of The Earth Keeper Trilogy. It continues the story of Nimue and her fellow Earth Keepers, The Earth Keepers have a unique ability to converse with animals and plants of nature. Join them as they fight against Miss Pharma to heal the planet. It is a magical fantasy adventure sure to delight readers of all ages.

Available Formats: Softcover(Color), Ebook, Audiobook
Pages: 33
Size: 6 x 0.09 x 9 inches

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The Earthkeeper's Challenge can be purchased as a hardcover, softcover, audiobook (Amazon Audible), or digital format:

Book Illustrations

Dr Pharma and Mr Lab in a scene from The Earth Keeper's Challange
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